Scientific Consensus and Mass Delusion

A video showing that science isn’t perfectly objective and can be manipulated by politics, emotion, etc.  Did you know that scientists once claimed to be in regular contact with Martians?  Neither did I until I watched this video:

Scientific Consensus And Mass Delusion – 150 Years Of Scientific Insanity


Hoax Paper Published To Wide Acclaim

The po-faced nature of ‘gender studies’ has long been the subject of ridicule.

So two American academics set up to deliberately expose the ‘fashionable nonsense’ emanating from social science departments by writing a hoax paper on the ‘The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct’.

Despite being made-up twaddle, their effort was subsequently published to acclaim in a leading UK journal.

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The War on Carbon

Here’s where it gets truly hilarious. While scientifically illiterate Leftists have declared war on carbon (yes, the element carbon) in the form of “carbon taxes” and the “war on carbon,” they apparently have no idea whatsoever that they are all made of carbon.

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