Breastfeeding Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Breastfeeding reduces a woman’s risk of breast cancer, a new report reveals.

For every five months a woman breastfeeds, her risk of developing breast cancer is lowered by two percent, a study review found.

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Life Expectancy Increase With Age When Pregnant

It’s become a highly contentious issue, with women who leave it later in life to start a family sometimes facing severe criticism.

But it seems there may be at least one big upside: a new scientific study has revealed that women who have babies in their 30s can go on to live for longer.

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Western Lifestyle Causing Huge Drop In Sperm Count

Humans could face extinction if sperm counts continue to drop as fast as they have done in the last four decades in Western countries, a study warns.

Researchers claim the Western lifestyle has more than halved the sperm count of men in the US, Europe and Australia since the 1970s in a new study published by Human Reproduction Update.

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Babies Distinguish Amongst Languages Even Before Birth

Fetuses can distinguish between someone speaking to them in English and Japanese one month before they are born, researchers have found.

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Fizzy Drinks in Pregnancy May Increase Childhood Obesity Risk

Pregnant women who consume just two fizzy drinks a day could be increasing their child’s risk of becoming obese, new research suggests…

Fruit juice, diet drinks and water do not have the same effect, the study found.

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Breastfeeding May Protect Women Against MS

Breastfeeding may protect women against developing multiple sclerosis, research suggests.

And women who do develop the condition suffer far less severely if they have breastfed their child, experts discovered.

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Eye Infection Cured By Human Breast Milk

I have personally witnessed this happen to someone I know:

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Ben Fogle’s crazy eye cure? His sister-in-law’s BREAST milk: Adventurer explains odd treatment he’s had three times a day to cure infection

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