Magnesium Alleviates Depression


“Red Skies at Night” Folklore Accurate In Weather Prediction

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight; red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning

TRUE It’s one of the oldest weather proverbs — appearing in the Bible — and one of the most accurate.

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Decreasing Meal Size Over The Day Leads To Weight Loss

We’ve all heard the saying ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’ – now a large study has hailed it a successful weight loss strategy.

And slimmers see better results if they skip dinner altogether, the researchers also discovered.

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Contraceptive Pills, Complications, and Death

A case for at least informed consent:

The contraceptive pill may have contributed to the deaths of 550 women since 1963, officials have said…

There were 21 deaths each year in 1970 and 1977. The number also reached double figures in 2011 with 11 deaths and in 2014 with 13.

The MHRA data also lists 27,000 serious adverse reactions against hormones in the Pill.

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Fizzy Drinks in Pregnancy May Increase Childhood Obesity Risk

Pregnant women who consume just two fizzy drinks a day could be increasing their child’s risk of becoming obese, new research suggests…

Fruit juice, diet drinks and water do not have the same effect, the study found.

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Breastfeeding May Protect Women Against MS

Breastfeeding may protect women against developing multiple sclerosis, research suggests.

And women who do develop the condition suffer far less severely if they have breastfed their child, experts discovered.

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Lack of Outdoor Play Leading to Short-Sightedness

Children who spend less time outdoors and do not play much sport are more likely to be near-sighted, new research suggests.

They also have lower levels of vitamin D and a higher body mass index, the large study found.

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