Sex and Gender Identity Science

Findings from a new study on sex and gender identity published in the Fall 2016 edition of The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology and Society:

1. Claims that sexual orientation is immutably determined by biology are not supported by scientific evidence.

2. Claims that gender identity is somehow fixed and innate, yet is also independent of biological sex, are likewise not supported by scientific evidence.

3. Since the great majority of children who experience some gender-atypical thoughts do not continue to do so after adolescence, encouraging such children to become transgender or seek invasive and sometimes drastic and irreversible medical procedures is not supported by scientific evidence.

4. The finding that non-heterosexual and transgender individuals have higher rates of mental health problems is supported by scientific evidence, while the common attribution of such findings to the effects of social stigma or stress as the only or primary cause is not supported by scientific data.

Richard N. Williams, PhD, commenting on this study:

Clearly, common cultural beliefs about sexuality and gender are wrapped up in a problematic, incoherent, and internally inconsistent understanding of what it means to be a human being. On the basis of Mayer and McHugh’s report, we may fairly conclude that a fundamental reexamination of how we think about sexuality and gender is in order. Perhaps we ought to reexamine our vision of the human person as well.

Read more:


MY GENES MADE ME DO IT ! Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence by Dr NE Whitehead, PhD,


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