Some recent women’s health-related headlines:

Advertising-related lung cancer:

“They were lured to start smoking in their thousands by advertisements that promised to make them look glamorous and independent.

Now record numbers of women are suffering the legacy of 1970s commercials – and tragically are developing lung cancer.”

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Another article on women’s fertility:

“Women who want to have a big family should start trying for a baby by 23, experts have warned.

Even those who only want one child shouldn’t wait past the age of 32, if they really want to become a mother.”

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A pain-free childbirth?:

“Most women believe childbirth will be one of the most painful experiences of their lives.

And many who have given birth already can vouch that this is true.

But one expert says there is a simple way to overcome the pain: just don’t think at all.”

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Women feel pain more than men do:

“The endless debate between the sexes over who is best able to handle pain is usually won by women when they utter one word: childbirth.

While women undergo the most excruciating pain bringing life into the world, research has found they are also more likely to suffer chronic pain than men.

Women are more likely to feel pain more intensely than men, studies have found.”

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