Some recent children’s health news:

Preventing short-sightedness in children:

“An exciting study regarding the treatment of myopia with contact lenses worn at night, demonstrated that this treatment may stop the progression of myopia.  Orthokeratology, this treatment of myopia with contact lenses worn at night to reshape the lens of the eye, was proven to stop the progression of myopia in about 300 children tested in this study.”

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Anaesthesia lowering children’s IQs?:

“Lower IQ, reduced language comprehension, and decreased grey matter density is experienced by children having general anesthesia for surgery before age four, says new research in the journal Pediatrics.”

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Childhood stress causes weight gain in adult women:

“Young girls who experience stressful events, such as a death or illness in the family, are more likely to gain weight as an adult.

This is according to a new US study which found stress during childhood may be even a bigger culprit to weight gain than stress in adulthood.

But the impact was solely on women.”

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