More Warnings About Women’s Fertility

It seems like no one can make up their mind as to when women should have children.  For every headline warning that women should have babies early, I see others saying there is no issue with delaying childbearing.  Nevertheless, here are some warnings to women about their biological clocks that have been recently published:

“Stars who have children in their 40s are giving women false hope about motherhood, doctors warned yesterday.

They say the celebrities who parade ‘miracle babies’ will often have used IVF or donor eggs.

And – because they do not make this public – their fans fail to realise that fertility declines dramatically after the age of 37.”

[another quote from the article says age 38]

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“Women who delay starting a family are risking infertility, a leading doctor has warned.

Ideally, they should try for a baby no later than their late 20s or early 30s, said Adam Balen, chairman of the British Fertility Society.

Those who wait longer face the prospect of being left childless and IVF is no guarantee of success, he added.”

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And apparently the sun can help women get pregnant:

“A sunshine break is the perfect way to unwind, catch up on your reading and top up that tan.

But it seems a week soaking up the rays could also offer a surprising benefit – helping a woman have a baby.

Increased exposure to sunshine could raise the odds of becoming a mother by more than a third, a study suggests.”

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