Does ADHD Even Exist?

“I have all of the “symptoms,” but I don’t have a disorder because there is no disorder. There might be people with legitimate disorders who get labeled with this one, but this one, this specific thing we refer to as ADHD, is a godforsaken lie. I don’t care who is upset by that statement, who will stop reading me because I said it, or how many angry and disappointed Facebook comments are coming my way. ADHD is a fraud.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Just over the past several months, we’ve heard from this behavioral neurologist who insists that ADHD does not exist, and this world renowned neuroscientist who agrees, and this professor and educational psychology expert who likewise concurs. That’s just a small sampling of the “skeptics.” If you find the time, you should also read this book, and this onethis one, and this one.”

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